jon-eric-bakerySort of pre PMM; Jon and Eric playing at a bakery (yes, a bakery!) that once was in Yucca Valley.
pmm-early-days-jeremys-coffee-houseThis is probably the first performance at Jeremy’s Cybercafe and Beerhaus in JT, since Mark – our future drummer – is not in this picture. However, he was in the audience.

About the name…

As the story goes Jon and Eric had a gig in Desert Hot Springs. The venue asked what the band name was and Eric blurted out the first thing that came to mind: Purple Mountain Matinee. At the time they were playing mainly covers.Michael was in the audience at the bakery gig pictured above; he joined soon after.One of the first original songs worked on was ‘Be There’ which is on the II album. (Anna LaCazio of Cock Robin is the featured backing vocalist)Our first recording was a cassette EP of five songs, released in 1996. Mark Grden, drums, joined the band not too long after this recording came out.Our first full length album, II, was released in 1998. Sam, percussion, joined the band between the time the songs had been recorded and the album was released. By the time we had the CD release party Scott McCulley had become our permanent bass player.


The CD release party for II at Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown.

Rojer Arnold (flute, percussion, guitar and vocals) officially joined the band sometime after the II album release party. Our third recording, III, was released in 2003. Anna LaCazio appears again on vocals, singing as a duo with Jon on the song Pictures.

PMM Fun fact: Twice we were asked to stop our performance early and leave the stage for the headlining acts who said they would not go on unless we stopped. We just took this as compliments. 🙂

One headliner was Johnette Napolitano (Concrete Blonde). The other headliner was the band The Tokens (famous for ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’).